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Discovering Saint-Florent
With our fleet

You are rather semi-rigid or shell-open?


More than 80 years ago, the Zodiac brand developed the first prototype for the French Navy. The idea was simple. Using its original know-how, which was the design of dirigible balloons, to manufacture an inflatable boat, light and robust. Today these boats have evolved: fiberglass, aluminum, hypalon, materials are more resistant and modern RIB have nothing to do with the old-fashioned inflatables. The hulls are molded in the shape of a "V" with various depth, which gives them a very good stability at sea and allows to break the waves. Let's face it, semi-rigids are real boats, robust, reliable and especially extremely versatile!

From 4 to more than 10 meters, with or without a cabin, equipped with one, two, or three engines, they are constantly developing and increasingly represent yachting, especially in Mediterranean seas. Our beaches are sometimes difficult to access but this type of craft fit perfectly. They are lighter than a rigid boat and therefore more economical, the buoyancy of the flanges also makes them more stable when stationary but also more manageable, and their homologation in maximum capacity is clearly superior. A small semi-rigid is the ideal boat for a beginner without fear of contact with other boats. Between 6 and 7m this will be the best compromise for a day of water sports because their handling and their weight makes them more incisive than a hull. Finally, beyond 7m it will be the boat that will suit the best to a large family who will need plenty of space to accommodate more than 7 people.

For who ?

  • Pilots with little experience
  • Water sports
  • Large families
  • Persons who have already sailed on a semi-rigid and who have adopted it


Some people swear only by rigid hulls and it is not uncommon to hear on the harbour: "We want a real boat, not a zodiac". Not that a semi-rigid is not a real boat, but it is true that on a rigid, the approach is different ...
It is for many, more reassuring to know about a hull. First of all because at equal size it will be more imposing than a semi-rigid. You will feel more protected thanks to the higher edges and more secure with children. This is the safety factor that many appreciate. On board, it is often better comfortable because of spaces more generous and the cockpit is generally more welcoming. As for the navigation, the longer hull and the greater weight allow the rigid ones to better free themselves from the waves and the chop. On the other hand, it will tend to pitch more at standstill. Other good points include performance for sports models, equipment for leisure models, small cabin for mini cruising units and of course: the style. We also have the right to love a boat for its design. So decided?

For who ?

  • People who do not have sea-feet, or who are not at ease
  • Families with children
  • Persons wishing to take their dog on board
  • Purists who swear by hulls